• Buttered ourselves in sunscreen.
  • Short bike ride to the beach.
  • Set up chairs, ocean-side.
  • Read.
  • Walked along the shore. 
  • Discovered a new sea creature (after all these years?  Something NEW to me??)
  • Read some more.
  • Packed up, back to the condo for a LATE lunch.
  • STORMY weather (glad we brought our stuff back…had it been up to me, we would’ve left it and it would’ve been soaked).
  • Bike ride after the rain.  First to the ocean, then inland to the Kiawah River. 
  • Boys disgusted their sister because they mistook the Kiawah River for a public toilet.
  • Saw several deer families, including velvet-antlered bucks.
  • FIRST ALLIGATOR SIGHTING!  WAHOO!  About four-feet long! 
  • Met "Thomas", a teenager who had just caught a big ol’ honkin’ spot-tailed bass.  He had to fight the alligator to get it up on the dock.  Thomas won.  B I G.  The gator sulked off, defeated and humiliated.
  • Coming home, saw Bambi and his mother again.  Fawns with white spots are the CUTEST!  Will actually take a camera with me on future bike rides; that will assure NO wildlife ventures out, the same way forgetting an umbrella brings the rain ;).
  • Yummy dinner featuring local produce–when I declared I could eat my weight in [Silver Queen] corn, my oldest son challenged me.  Do I really wanna prove him wrong during the week I’m wearing a bathing suit?
  • We’re doin’ something we’ve never done before–a study in Romans with the kids.  Already, questions are arising and we barely coasted through chapter 1.  Should be interesting….

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