Bagel-fuls are a new favorite snack of mine, tried when Kraft Foods passed along a few free samples for me to try.  Their ploy worked–I’ve already bought another box.

Imagine Twinkies, but instead of golden sponge cake think bagel, and instead oBagelfulf vanilla filling, think Philadelphia Cream Cheese.  There are five varieties–Original, Strawberry, Chive, Cinnamon and Whole Grain–none of them over 200 calories.  Preparation is simple, microwave or toaster work fine. 

I tried Original and Strawberry, and by far, my preference is the latter; the others, fine in a pinch, were just too plain.  The flavor in my fridge waiting to be tried is Cinnamon–I’m guessing it’s a winner, too :). 

They’ve already proven perfect for breakfast-on-the-run, and for an afternoon snack?  Bagel-fuls seem so much healthier than cookies or chips.  I’m glad I can tell you they exceeded my expectations and I’ve already convinced friends in real life to give ’em a try.

Would you like to sample Bagel-fuls for free?  I have coupons I’d love to send to three readers–just leave a comment on this post and I’ll draw three random winners Monday morning 🙂 (open to bloggers and non-bloggers).


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On a completely different note, but with the potential to both honor the special men in your life AND put $10 in everybody’s pocket–

If you’re looking for a DELICIOUS meal out for Father’s Day, remember your local Outback Steakhouse.  Everyone who brings their Dad to Outback on June 15 will receive a certificate for $10 off their next visit (June 15th~July 20th with a minimum $25 purchase & with online activation).

It’s kind of like a gift you get to give twice, huh?

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