This is a "Blogging-Oh-the-Places-You-Will-Go" moment…if you could hear me right now, squeals of excitement would be greenhouse effecting all over the place!!  See?  I’m so excited I’m not even making sense!

Bullets…let’s do a bulleted list so I can FOCUS PEOPLE:

  • Prior to that, I posted a series of photos when my son learned how to fly, defying the very law of gravity.
  • Amber (God bless her) commented about a photo contest I might want to submit those pictures to (THANK YOU, AMBER!!!!)

I did.

And Nikon is posting three of the ones I’ve submitted in their gallery:

When Stephen learned how to fly
Before she went through the "change"
Clowin’ around upside down

(Round-off, back handsprings commencing…NOW!)

This will end up being a popularity contest–YOUR CLICKS MATTER–and words don’t BEGIN to express how badly I want to win.   There are thousands of pictures competing for 60 prizes…thousands that have had time to receive clicks for weeks before mine! 

Please…would you take a few seconds to click through to the images?  AND…if you’re feeling generous, I am humbly and boldly (but not presumptuously AT ALL) asking you to either send the photo links to your address book or maybe post ’em and tell your readers you’re trying to help out a friend? 

I’ll pay you back with links back to your site in a post or my sidebar or SOMETHING!  (I’m open to suggestions for paybacks 🙂 ).

I know you’re busy…I KNOW you’ve got other things to do…but…I would be ever grateful.  AND…if you post your own pictures and they’re added to the gallery, I’ll be happy to click through to yours, too!

Thank you…I’ve never meant that more sincerely than I do right now :).

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