This is a scene I encountered at my son’s track meet a few weeks ago.  Having begun a home-recycling program in earnest last year, when I see a trashcan over-flowing with plastics (and aluminum), it sends me over the edge! 

40orlessatpensieveltblue For Friday’s 40-or-less Photo Challenge this week, share your response to this photo.  You don’t have to be literal, although that’s fine, too.  Does it make you think pollution? Needing to find a bathroom after drinking mass quantities of liquid?  Can you see a spiritual correlation?  Does a snappy caption come to mind?  Are you challenged to step up your environmental stewardship?  And, I dare anyone to wax poetic over TRASH!

Give it your best shot, post the photo (if you’d like) and a 40-or-less word post on your own blog, then link that post here on Friday.  I can’t wait to see your interpretations…it’s always fun to see how similarly AND how differently we think.

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