Rooftop, Harbor Town Yacht Club,
Hilton Head Island, SC, Memorial Weekend 2008.

Could anything sound more pretentious than "Yacht Club"?!  While we enjoyed a "welcome reception" and chatting with our dear friends Christi and Frankie, the kids enjoyed fruity blue drinks until they were floating.  Click the picture to see our view–it’s not blue, but for those who’ve been to HHI, it’s the most memorable landmark for hundreds of miles.

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Pensieve Project Blue:

Take 1 – Antiguan beauty
Take 2 – Thank goodness it’s TEMPORARY!

*  I tried to google the recipe for "Smurfs", but all I found were cocktails with Blue Curaçao (I can’t believe how bad their website is!) and vodka.  I’m 99% sure that’s NOT what the kids were drinking! 😉

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