I heard her skipping down the stairs before I saw her, "Hey, Mom, J.A. is helping me learn how to put on make-up!"

How much am I loving that I a) bought a bunch of costumes 90% off after Halloween last year; b) that my 15-year-old 1) still plays dress up, 2) has a great sense of humor, and 3) doesn’t need make-up; and c) the temporary hair color was, thankfully, truly temporary?  This was an irresistible choice for Project Blue…so bizarre, so unexpected!

(It’s rare for me to add comment guidelines, but please… respect the fact she was just fooling around…thanks for NICE comments or I’ll delete ’em right away!  I don’t want any strange keyword searches to hit this page!)


My second in the series for Project Blue at Anna Carson Photography.  Please make plans to join with your own shades of blue.

Project Blue # 1, What a view!

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