Yesterday, I drove about six hours from Tennessee to South Carolina. 

By myself. 

The day couldn’t have been more beautiful, and I e n j o y e d the solitude amidst verdant mountain views and river-winding roads. 

I listened to the silence.
I silenced the silence with prayer.
I blasted a fun, diverse and eclectic play list–from Paul Potts popera to the glory days of the Boss to Casting Crowns (’cause I never get tired of listening)–and I sang like no one was listening (because, if you’re paying attention, you know no one was 😉 ).

I also mentally composed poetry for today’s Friday’s 40-or-less Photo Challenge.  Can I just say this:  I AM SO THANKFUL I REMEMBERED MOST OF WHAT I MIND-WROTE!!!  Cause otherwise?  Mr. Linky would be here all by himself.

So…let me know what YOU think about any of my three offerings and be sure to link if you’ve written a post for this week’s challenge.  Please note, while I often respond in poetry, don’t feel pressure to follow suit!  The only guideline is a 40-word limit to MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU!!  If your response is a clever three-word photo title?   Your readers will LOVE you and I will bow to your awesome brevity-in-writing skills!



"One man’s trash is another man’s treasure"
Many times I’ve heard this said.
But it you think garbage is precious,
Then I think you’re touched in the head!

(Another, with a different take…)

"One man’s trash is another man’s treasure"
Many times I’ve heard this said.
Why not turn your garbage to "useful"
Don’t toss it, recycle instead.

(This takes a somber turn.  I had another stanza, but it exceeded the 40-word limit; I wonder if it makes sense without it….)

Carelessly discarded,
Used then tossed aside.
Clearly, ill-regarded
"Forever", but he lied.

At first, satisfying
Fulfilling primal thirst
In time, less gratifying
Promises reversed.

Salvage found in gentle hands
Picking up the pieces
Illumined, now she understands
New love that never ceases. 

Chop, chop!  Comment and link away!!

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