This month’s poetic form, Diamante, is Italian in origin, it’s a simple, seven-line formula, and when it’s complete, it will have the shape of a diamond (if centered).  It’s an easy exercise in writing poetry, and if you’re a fan of haiku or cinquain, diamante is reminiscent of those forms. 

Begin with a subject, in line four you’ll transition using two words to describe its opposite, and the last line will be a single word for the subject’s opposite.

As for this month’s theme, once again, you have two choices:  the great outdoors or emotions.  If you’re feeling particularly diamante-prolific, write two!

two adjectives
describing the subject
three words ending in
"ing" telling about the subject
four words, first
two describe subject, last two describe its opposite
three words ending in
"ing" telling about the opposite

two adjectives
describing the opposite


     If you haven’t written a poem since school, come on…dive in!  If you’re a non-blogger who’d like to participate, feel free to leave your poem in comments here (or email them to me), and I’ll post them ON FRIDAY with my Diamante post.  Bloggers should check back on Friday as well, when I’ll have Mr. Linky posted for you to register your permalink.  New to Pensieve’s Poetic License or still have questions?  Check out the FAQs page.

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