This little fella is the reason I hoped Anna would choose "blue" as her next photo project; I hadn’t counted on my camera going on strike.

Along with my photos from today…I was compelled to shoot Mr. Blue.  When I passed him in the store a few months ago, I couldn’t not buy him!  Which doesn’t make a bit of sense ’cause I rarely take baths!

Please note, however, this most decidedly does NOT mean I don’t bathe…I just prefer showers. 

Anyhoo, enough with the TMI, this is my last submission for Project Blue.  I’m hopeful by the time Anna chooses another color, I’ll have my not-so-trusty Nikon back in hand!


If you’ve never visited Anna Carson Photography, you really should.  She’s an honor to her profession and I’ve learned a lot simply from observing her.

Robin’s Project Blues (Projects Blue?) all in a row…like ducks.  Maybe.


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