My new-since-October camera started spazzing out a few months ago, and although it’s under warranty (thank, thank, THANK the Lord!) I haven’t been willing to part with it to have it checked.  Since I want–no, make that NEED–it back before we go to the beach in a few weeks, I returned it yesterday.

Know what the Wolf Camera guy said when he tested my camera?  "Wow…I’ve never seen THAT problem before!"  NOT the way I wanna feel special!

It was flashing pictures like this: 


When they should’ve looked like this:


I’m in mourning…I’ve got the shakes.  Can’t take part in Project Blue (not with new photos, anyway); couldn’t photograph the spectacular sunrise I saw this morning; not able to track the bunnies’ growth anymore.  And my other babies?  I’ll just have to do a better job of taking mental pictures of the ordinary….


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