Even though I choose each week’s photos for Friday’s 40-or less Photo Challenge, I have no idea what my response will be until I start writing a few days later. 

Today’s?  NOT the direction I thought this would go!  I was waxing nostalgic about diners and family dinners and "variety is the spice of life" and good and evil and salt of the earth stuff–not a touch of the insane with a poem trumpeting the virtue of salt and pepper! 

Oh, well, que será será…I’ve certainly written crazier.

This week, instead of using Mr. Linky, just leave a comment on this post and I’ll compile a list below.  If you’re new to Friday’s 40, click the badge for details and this link for samples of previous challenges; then, please feel free to respond with a post of your own!


Popcorn’s attire
Pretzel’s glory
Potato chip’s best friend.

Chili’s fire
Salsa’s story
Spicy to the end

I’d be a liar–

Honky dory–
Failing to defend

This pair, admire
Season, more-y
Out? Now I’m chagrined!

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