Molly indirectly invited me to stroll memory lane, prompting me to share these random good memories from my youth; not necessarily always the "happy" kind, but the sort that stay with you and keep your childhood ever present in heart and mind:

The Talk.  Because my mom knew she was losing her battle with cancer, she wanted to be the one who told me and my sister the Facts of Life.  This was 35 years ago, before Victoria began spilling her Secrets in front of God and everybody.  My memories are limited, but I was horrified and disgusted, saying something to the effect of, "You do WHAT with THAT?!" and "Well, if I ever get married and "have to", there’s no way I’m leaving the lights on!!"  My most concrete memory is Mama saying, "Well, I’m NOT gonna draw pictures for you!" 

Of course, if she did, they’d be on my blog right now ;).

Whisker Rubs.  By the end of the day, my dad had a pretty stiff five o’clock shadow; we used to love/hate him to rub his sandpaper cheek against our own, and we’d squeal "No!" but our giggles invited more.

Freshman Cheerleading Tryouts. Because I hadn’t warmed up well enough, when I did a split (towards the end of the tryout), I injured myself and collapsed.  It felt like a hot knife had been plunged into my groin (I think that’s what part was hurt).  In a scene straight from a 70s made-for-tv-movie/Afternoon Special, I was carried off the gym floor to the coach’s office.  There, my sister pretty much cussed me out and told me I was going to finish the tryout. 

I did.

I made cheerleading.

Girls were MEAN to me because they were certain I made it because I got the sympathy vote…and my injury hurt for years.  Seriously.

Visiting my "country cousins". Every summer, we visited our aunt and uncle in "Mayberry".  Ooooo, the days spent with our cousins swimming in the blue hole, riding the neighbor’s dirt bike, foolin’ around in their garden, EATING stuff from their garden (!), playing Mumbley Peg (a game with a pocket knife), shooting Blackjack firecrackers, playing Kick the Can ’til bedtime, buying penny candy at Murphey’s….

Which reminds me, buying penny candy IS one of my favorite memories!

Bobby Sherman’s life-long influence.

Jeanie Arnold Edwards Y Camp.  This was also a summer-time tradition, first as a camper, then as a counselor.  Within a deep memory well, camp songs float to the surface.  With wild abandon and the innocence of an era gone by, we belted out "Violent Love", "An Austrian Went Climbing" and "Just Plant a Little Watermelon on My Grave".  They sound crazy to me now, they didn’t then.

And it makes me more than a little weepy now that a country club sits on the spot that still holds a piece of my heart and youth captive.

Taking liquor to 5th grade, drinking it, and getting caught.  It’s not as bad as it sounds :).

Everything about my grandmother’s house and garden.  They were magical places.  Two precious memories?  Jumping off her garage roof into a compost pile, funny to me now because I’m scared of heights; another, making dolls–princesses–out of her flowers.

I think I’ll stop here–a list like this never ends, especially for someone like me ;)…if you’d like to add your own childhood memories and take part in this week’s Fun Monday, please visit Molly at Return of the White Robin for details!

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