A few things came to mind in response to the picture for this week’s Friday 40, two of them friendship and sin.  I wrote a poem about sin first; since it was so weighty, I had to recover by writing one on friendship after all.

…which makes me think my brain is as tangly as these wisteria vines!

Each poem is 40 words or less, but their rhythms are very different; I think it helps to anticipate that transition :).

Best Friend

Kindred souls, knit together

Thoughts entwined like spools of thread

Weaving life, but not to tether

Wind beneath your wings, instead.

Fingers laced, secrets held

Hard things said but for the best

Laughter, tears, when compelled

Refuge, haven, welcome rest.


Masked in beauty
sweet deception
without exception
tangled web
entrapment lures
siren’s call
clear thought, obscures
its hold
hearts consoled
Holy, just
One brings redemption
no exemption.
Astounding grace,
Love’s incarnation
defeating sin, then

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