It’s pretty fair to say I don’t have a memory like the proverbial elephant–if it isn’t crumpled in a pile on the floor, I couldn’t tell you what I wore yesterday.

Prompted by E-mom and her “Wedding Day” Marriage Monday theme, I thought it’d be fun to compile a “Top Ten” list of my favorite wedding day memories.  Considering that was over 20 years ago, let’s see what comes to mind :)–

[1]  One of my bride’s maids forgot her shoes.

This was in the era of dyed-to- match shoes, and Katie had on black to everyone else’s cornflower blue.  The funny thing to me now is, Katie was probably more in style than anyone else!  In all our pre-ceremony photographs, we found a way to “hide” her shoes; a friend managed to get Katie’s to her just minutes before the processional music began.

[2]  I had a native tan in November…everyone else was autumn “white”.  

What an idiot–we weren’t even going anywhere tropical for our honeymoon! Remember this was the 80s when a bronze glow looked healthy, not like melanoma dawning.  It’s the one and only season I tanned in a salon.

[3]  Clemson~Maryland, Georgia~Auburn.  What in the heck were we thinking planning our 4:00 p.m. wedding on one of the biggest football days of the year??  Growing up in Athens, Ga. and teething on Bulldawg glory, I went to college at Clemson (equally football ravenous); my hometown friends thought me traitorous!  I couldn’t find a picture of it, but even my father had a transistor radio to his ear listening to the games right before we walked the aisle (when I asked Tad his outstanding wedding day memories, THIS was the one HE recalled!).  Let’s just say every guy in attendance made sure I knew the sacrifice they were making….

My baby brother, at the time just six years old, was in a half body cast, having broken his leg a few weeks before the wedding.  We were both disappointed he couldn’t be a little groomsman.  Here, we kinda propped him up to get a picture.

[5]  I can’t even remember what I did after our rehearsal dinner Friday night, but my long-time best friend, Mandy, spent the night with me in our hotel.  Somehow, she managed to sneak a card in my suitcase and I discovered it my wedding night…it made me cry happy tears.


[6]  We may have had one of the UGLIEST groom’s cakes on the planet, but I can tell ya this–it was one of the BEST cakes I’ve ever tasted!  And though my wedding cake was prettier to look at, its taste paled in comparison!

[7]  We had a short honeymoon, heading to the Old Edward’s Inn in Highlands, NC for a few nights before ending up at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville.  The outstanding memory at the Grove Park?  Housekeeping not only knocking on our door, but daggum opening it when we were “occupied”!!  I think I jumped out of my skin and Tad somehow managed to protect my dignity…maybe….

[8]  Our post-cereSick_of_wedding_picturesmony pictures went on FOREVER–I was sick of being photographed so I KNOW everyone else was!  I think we arrived at the reception close to an embarrassing hour after the wedding.  Here’s one of my favorite shots–you can see the “look” in our eyes.  This was before the advent of digital, so we don’t have many candids….


Before the days of Victoria’s Secrets, sexy lingerie was mild in comparison to today’s selections.  Feeling particularly racy and grown up, I wore silk stockings attached to a real garter belt (do brides even wear white stockings anymore???).  When Tad began to slip off the traditional throw-away blue garter, I was extremely paranoid someone would be able to tell what I had on underneath.  Can you tell how I was holding my dress to make sure no one found out??


[10]  I wore my wedding dress to the hotel that night instead of changing into a “going away” ensemble.  To me, there was nothing more romantic or sexier than having my new husband unbutton 25 buttons…………and that’s all I’ll say about THAT! 😉


BONUS:  Twenty years after our wedding, with a little help…I could still fit into my wedding dress!



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