Inspired by the picture below, I offer you a song for this week’s edition of Friday’s 40-or-less Photo Challenge.


{Sung to the tune of "Oh, Where Oh, Where Has My Little Dog Gone"}

Oh, where, oh, where have our bike riders gone?
They’re such a nice fam-i-ly.
We have places to go
Lots of fun, don’t they know?
No time to rest or to pee!

After yesterday’s comments leaned heavily toward the side of humor, I decided to keep it light today.  This photo was taken maybe six miles into our 14-mile marathon ride to the end of the earth.  I’m pretty sure the tires were joining my thighs in screaming "MERCY" by the end…!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and better yet–Read your Friday’s 40 response!  Link to your blog or leave it in comments–just be sure to make it EASY for everyone else to find (aka link your permalink, NOT your blog’s URL).


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