• Kite_in_the_clouds
    Windiest week we’ve ever had at the beach; keeps us out longer ’cause it doesn’t feel hot.
  • Never has the difference between age "status" been more obvious to me–two teens (content to lounge) versus a tween (ready "to go-go-GO"!).
  • First beached jellyBeached_jellyfishfish sitings…YIKES!  Not that I’m in the water that much, but it makes me wary and freaked when I get in.
  • Thought it was gonna be a gator-free day, but at the end of an evening bike ride, I was treated to a little one :).
  • Then, when I parked my bike, Bambi and his mom leapt past me, apparently spooked by another family on bikes.  I’m convinced it’s the same deer every day, I counted the fawn’s spots ;).
  • Nothin’ like a funky burn pattern on your back to remind you a) sunscreen works; b) it can’t if you forget to use it
  • The Romans Bible study is going better than I expected; the kids are engaged and asking questions…lots of them.  Makes me realize, given opportunity and good teaching, they’re interested. 
  • Gotta have the humor, though–we found out (after reading through Chapter 2), the boys didn’t realize they were circumsized!!!  They didn’t quite know what they were missing!! lololol 🙂

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