What a way to follow up the wonderfully and surprisingly well-attended BlogHop ’08by not posting anything new!  Sure, I snuck in a Project Black, but by the looks of my blog, you’d never know I’m in the middle of writing THREE new posts; between Rockband on one end of the house, and a TV blaring on another, I can’t think.  Can I bribe you to subscribe to Pensieve so you won’t forget to read when they’re finished?? 🙂

And imagine this–a few things need attention around the house!  If anyone would like to lend me the cleaning fairies, I’ll be happy to cook your dinner for the next month.

Expect a posting binge…and I’ll be visiting party revelers and Bloglinees all week long.  It’s been a delight to meet some new friends and reconnect with some long-time blogmates.

Oooo, and even though I didn’t make it to BlogHer, my weekend was full of bloggity goodness:


— Shannon at ThreeSeven.ca whose giveaway for a copy of Corel Paint Shop Pro I won during Kelby’s party (can you say "Wow!!!"??);

— & to MindGmbmbadgey (and Jenny-in-abstentia) for featuring my Un-Superhero-ish Wonder Woman post on Good Mom/Bad Mom’s BlogShare Sunday.

— & to Karen (Simply…A Musing Blog) for all her help with BlogHop AND for creating a monster when she let me co-host a party chat on Blog Radio (using her "Behind the Blog"  access…which, by the way, y’all will need to tune into TOMORROW for it’s regularly scheduled show, 12 CST).

Congratulations to – – –

— #48, Jenni @ One Thing, winner of the Burger King gift card!

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