One of the most frequent keyword phrases leading searchers to my blog includes the words "40th birthday"; googlers land on my "Fabulous 40th Birthday Gift" post, and truly, if you're looking for a memorable, meaningful gift, it's something you should consider (it doesn't have to be a 40th gift, it could be ANY milestone birthday or even wedding anniversaries). 

My husband falls into the camp of "hates surprises"; while, normally I respect his wishes, for his 40th birthday, I decided a surprise party was just what he needed (by "he needed" what I really mean is "what I wanted").  Pulling off a surprise party is always a bit tricky, but this is how I managed it:

A REVERSE party–instead of us walking into a suspicious venue, the party came to HIM.

The cover story was friends invited us over for a quiet dinner to mark the occasion (not to do "anything" would've been even more suspicious).  Because my husband is a snooper and a sniffer (he'll lift the pot lids to see what's simmering), Theresa actually had bullion boiling on the stove to give the illusion of something cooking; I can't remember now, but she also had "fake food" in the oven.  The real stash–a spread I had snuck and spent two days preparing in our church's kitchen–was hidden out of sight.

We arrived, their table was "set and ready" for us, and as predicted, Tad lifted the simmering pot lid as we chatted in their kitchen.  Sometimes, predictability serves you well.

After what seemed FOREVER, it was time for "dinner"; about that time (and on cue), the front doorbell rang.  In walked a motley crew of party hat-wearing, noise maker-blowing, balloon-carrying well wishers.

And yes, he was surprised :).  Later, he even admitted he was a bit disappointed a few more couples hadn'tScan0001_3 been there when we arrived to join us for "dinner", confirmation the party–reverse or otherwise–was a good idea after all. 

I don't have photos from the actual party, but I've included some scans of his "40th Birthday Book" that weren't included with the pages published on my previous post.

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