Kiawah Island pond, early morning.  July 2008.  When my SLR was returned to the manufacturer BEFORE we went to the beach, I was crushed; this was the first year I was going to be able to take "good" beach photos–I couldn’t wait to use my tripod!  In spite of having "only" a point and shoot, we came home with some spectacular captures.  These aren’t just good pictures, they’re "memory holders".  


Below, two pictures at sunset.  I didn’t know how to "do" anything about the low lighting conditions (other settings were blurrier), but I hope you can sense the beauty and mood of the day’s end.  E v e r y day the sky is a waiting canvas for the Master’s hand. 



This also fits Carmi’s current sky theme for Thematic Photographic, although I think the theme changes sometime on Wednesday:).

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