Day Two of Project Black brings you to my home–at least right up to our front door.  I never noticed before how many black accents we have around; funny what you don’t see until you actually look for it. 



Isn’t this spot inviting?  If pollen and spiders didn’t think they were invited guests, we might just use it a whole lot more.  Shame…I can just imagine sipping lemonade and waving to passersby; the only problem?  We live at the end of a cul-de-sac up a steep, long driveway.  In other words, there ARE no passersby!


Rockin’, not rollin’


Can you see the sun hitting the front leg of the left chair?  Our porch faces East and sunshine pours in these windows every morning.  The chairs weren’t quite black when I started to photograph them–more like a dusty yellow.  Pollen:  the Scourge of the South.

For the birds…or not


Located on the Georgia side of Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga still claims Rock City as a jewel of her own.  You might’ve seen this painted on a barn’s rooftop at some point in your life–according to their website, "Garnet Carter began his famous barn roof advertising campaign to lure vacationers from the highways. 
By the 1950’s Clark Byers had painted "See Rock City" on 900 barn roofs from Michigan to Texas."  That’s a lot of roofs!  I wonder if the owners were compensated for for their "ad space".

Interested in learning more about Project Black?  Please visit Anna Carson for details and links to other participants.

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