Do you remember ever feeling one-dimensional?  I do.   When I was engaged and when I was pregnant. 

"That" became "who" I was for a season; every conversation centered around those subjects.  By the time I got married, then later, by the time I gave birth, I was SO SICK of the narcissism, I would have gladly watched eight hours of slides from your family vacation to the Sahara.  Grains of sand would’ve been more interesting to me.

Don’t get me wrong–I loved being engaged…I loved being pregnant.  I was just d.o.n.e. with talking about them.

Enter BlogHer.  If you have no idea what BlogHer is, just google it.  You’ll find plenty of information about it, so I won’t take time to explain it now other then (out of courtesy to newish bloggers) to let you know there’s a GARGANTUAN blogging convention going on right now in San Francisco.  Those of us who’ve been blogging a while (but aren’t going) feel like we’re missing something.  Gargantuan.

The bloggers who ARE there have been writing about it for weeks now, and their upcoming posts will be all about dropping names and photo ops with bloggers you’re probably already reading.  Which, I’m telling you, from experience, is fun.  For those of us who aren’t there?  Well, it reminds me of when I was pregnant and engage…the conversation simply became…tired. 

I’m thrilled for my friends who’re having the blogging time of their lives–but I’m ready to have a little fun blog-style.  Are you ready to join me?

Guys, I’m watching the clock, it’s 9:57, I’ve been gone most of the day, but I promised a post tonight, so I’m trying to git ‘er done…but we aren’t quite there (and my wi-fi is being a BEAR!).

What I do know?  Cyber-party tomorrow, beginning at 9 p.m. EST and YOU’RE INVITED! 

What do you need to bring?   A party post.  

What the heck is a party post?  That’s entirely up to you :).  My first thought?  FOOD!  We need food for a party, and since this is very last minute, do you really expect me to prepare it all?  I’m not ashamed to ask for help.  A party post might include a recipe (photos are bonus) of your favorite party foods. 

A party post might include an introduction–we’ll be meeting new friends.  I think linking to one or two of your favorite, representative posts might be a good thing.

Wanna host a giveaway?  Now THAT gets attention like nothing else!  Tell peeps you’ve got prizes, they’ll flock in droves.

Karen at Simply Amusing is working on a fun badge and maybe even a party chatroom.  Again, we’re throwing this sucker together very last minute, so we need some beauty sleep to dream up the details.  Just plan on blogging your little heart out, helping to spread the word, and forgetting you aren’t in San Francisco rubbing elbows with [fill in the blank with your favorite "name"].  I promise, you’ll save a boatload of money and you’ll have a lot of fun without the companion jet lag.

OOOooo, and if you have ideas, leave ’em in comments and I’ll add ’em to this post. 


Mr. Linky will be up tomorrow at 9 EST for you to begin linking your party posts. 

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