Some days I can feel "it" coming.

A blog binge…poems and pictures and posts, OH!MY!!  Consider this a friendly warning advance notice.

It begins with Laura’s "15 Words or Less" weekly poetry challenge; I’ve written three and I’m curious to know which is your favorite.

After taking a few weeks off, apparently, the poetic part of my brain was demanding to be unleashed!  Even if you don’t fancy yourself a poet (did I really just seriously use the phrase "fancy yourself"??), with a 15-word limit, how hard can it be?  Stretch yourself–give it a try (and let me know if you do!  I love reading others’ diverse interpretations from the same image (it’s why I host "Friday’s 40" for goodness sakes!))

Oh, dear…it’s one of those days when I’m nesting parenthetical commentary, too. 

Here ya go…when inspiration invades, who am I to stop it? 


Dangling at rope’s end
Hanging by a thread
Rescue found
In letting go.

Unfurling wings as my children take flight
Hopeful, expectant,
A mother’s delight.

He flew through the air with the "greatest-of-ease".
Tragic mistake?
Let go when he sneezed!


Click through to Laura’s where you can find out how to join in the madness.

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