Have you ever thought of a GREAT title for a post, but then you sat down to write and it didn’t seem like such a good idea?

When I mentally composed this post today yesterday, its working title was "I’ve got the ‘Jelly Legs’ and I need an icepack for my crotch".  It seemed positively brilliant at the time; then again, the "Gilligan’s Island" theme song was blaring in my brain and crowding out all sense of reason and good taste, except instead of "…a threeee-hour tour, a threeee-hour tour" it was a "fiiiive-hour bike ride, a fiiiive-hour bike ride". 

Catchy, no?

Last year, when it rained our first few days here, I discovered all the island’s wi-fi spots.  It’s important to note, I had to PACK UP MY LAPTOP, GET IN THE CAR, AND DRIVE SOMEWHERE.  This year?  I had no intention of doing that, but when it was discovered we have access in our condo, to help me remember more than I would otherwise, I decided to bullet point a few highlights.

Shelly W., a blogger who recently discovered PENSIEVE and who shares my affection for all things Kiawah, commented about something I didn’t know.  We decided to see if what she said was true, so we pedaled our way to the end of the earth Kiawah…and then kept going until I was certain the world IS flat and we were on our way to falling off into oblivion.  And I didn’t care–my legs, well beyond sore, now had lost complete feeling.

I’ve always said Kiawah is a wonderful beach, but I wish it had more shells.  After 15 years of vacationing here, I discovered it’s not that there are no shells…we just didn’t know where to look–


Twenty-eight "dollars" and then some…!  My daughter’s exact words:  "It WAS worth it!!" 

Thank you, Shelly!  I’ll even forgive you the redneck-tank-top sun tan lines I’m now sportin’ ;).

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