For this week’s Friday’s 40-or-less Photo Challenge, a little something to knock you off balance.  If this doesn’t deserve a response, I don’t know what does:


Yes, it’s me (click the piccha for proof).  I’m sorry…once you’ve endured the double-dreaded apparatus, little else can spook you.

What is Friday’s 40 Photo Challenge?  Each week I’ll post a photograph that begs your response.  You have up to 40 words to share your impressions from the photograph–it can be as simple as a one-word caption or title, or as complicated as a limerick (which answers the question of why I chose 40 words as the cut-off–it assures enough words for LIMERICKS!  MY FUNNEST-FAVORITE poetic form 🙂 ). 

So, please…consider yourself personally invited to join in this week; be sure to check back here tomorrow to link your post.  I cannot WAIT to see how you tackle not one, but two sneaky, slithering snakes.

(And no channeling Samuel Jackson’s uber-famous quote from "Snakes on a Plane"…my kids read my blog!)

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