Do you know which is the truth:  Granddaddy Long Legs have such tiny mouths, they can’t sink their blood sucking fangs  bite you well enough to inject their venomous poison, or they aren’t poisonous to begin with?  Either?  Neither?

We live on a wooded lot and I’ve been dyin’ to photograph the swarms herds flocks gaggles dozens of Daddy Long Legs who seem to think they live here.  Supposedly, they’re "friendly spiders", I guess the same way Casper’s a friendly ghost.  Regardless, they creep me out when I pinch one by the leg (to fling it to Mars) while the other seven legs forge a freak-tickle attack on the rest of my hand.

This fella was napping outside my kitchen yesterday so I seized the photo op.  It wasn’t until I uploaded pictures that I realized he was missing a leg.  Have you ever noticed how COOL their legs joint to their bodies??  It looks like you can just pop in a broom straw and he’ll be on his way.  My son thought they looked like Lego fittings. 


{This is one of those times you really, REALLY need to click to embiggen the picture.  Put down your beverage of choice first….}

Friday’s 40-or-less Photo Challenge
is back–and what BETTER way to provoke encourage y’all to respond than with pictures of creepy-crawlin’ SPIDERS?!! 

Don’t know what F40PC is?  Click the link or button for compete details, but basically it’s an easy post for Friday, no more than 40 words for you to post in response to the week’s picture–a caption, title, poem, shortshortshort story, whatEVAH, the choice is yours.  Mr. Linky will be posted early Friday morning for you to link your own post and visit others.  If you’d like to help spread the word, grab a button and invite your readers to join in the fun. 


p.s.  I’m still lovin’ First Kiss stories…tell me yours?? 🙂

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