(and yes, I turned my head away.)



  • The wop- lop-sided letters match the lop-sided cake; clearly, I am neither a perfectionist nor vain.  I bet you’re already feeling better about your baking abilities (you’re welcome).
  • Although I haven’t had time to respond to comments on the previous post, they’re among my FAVORITE EVAH!  I’ll get to that tomorrow, and if you haven’t read ’em or added your own, please do…:)
  • Given the subject matter of this mostly-piccha post…you can be assured there’ll be a pensive post from PENSIEVE tomorrow.
  • I love the title of this post; if you have a favorite of your own, be sure to let me know in comments with a link back to that post (no matter how old it is).
  • (Bullet added after I clicked "Publish Now")  How many times can I use the word "post" in one post and not even realize it????   Must be brain drain from over consumption of buttercream icing…cause that ain’t nothin’ but butter and sugah, and I’m pretty sure, my BFF Paula Deen could eat an entire batch just because it has the two most wonderful ingredients ever. 

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