I’m sick to my stomach :(.

This morning we left earlier than normal for school so the kids could go to FCA.  A dense fog shrouded us, visibility impaired as a result.  Turning, then sitting at a traffic light, we saw "it" at the same time: 

one of the most stunning, spectacular sunrises I’ve ever seen…just as beautiful had it been over azure sea or between the peaks of majestic mountains. 

My children even understood this was a Special Moment. 

The sun was veiled in foggy, translucent vapor, as if we were seeing it through an unfocused lens–ethereal beauty, haloed in a fiery iridescent glow.  It was Olympic torch presiding over morning sky and in breath-taking moment of first sight, it was impossible for even the most hardened of hearts not to worship its Creator.

Sometimes my children are mind readers.

Before I could administer the verbal spanking and lament for not having my camera with me (tears), Thomas was already handing over my phone; 3.1 mega pixels is better than nothing, I suppose.  At least it preserved the memory.   


So rather than observing what looks like a smog-laden, unremarkable view of the sun, close your eyes and imagine my words painting a priceless masterpiece on the canvas of your mind.

And smack me silly if I ever leave my house without at least my point and shoot again.

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