Oh, how I hope you’ve written a back-to-school poem
for Pensieve’s Poetic License!  If you haven’t already, it’s never too late!   This month’s theme–"back to school"–could lead you in a thousand directions, and for once, you have freedom to choose poetic form! 

Don’t believe the lie you can’t write poetry! My heart melts when writers step outside their respective comfort zones to tip-toe on uncertain ice, only to find the footing is more sure than they anticipated. 

That’s groovy.  Very.

Because I’m still establishing the "pensieve" as a substantive poetic form (if you thought I was kidding, you’d be wrong), that is the form I chose this month.  The beauty of the pensieve is, because it engages the five senses, the reader draws from the writer’s experience and can more fully appreciate their perspective.  That’s the goal, anyway.

Link yours anytime–and be sure to visit as many participants as you can.  Encouragement and community are a lovely by-product of PPL.  Feel free to grab a badge to post with your entry, too! 

Back to School

Colorful sale flyers woo and lure,
capturing attention, dollars..and SENSE!
A ravenous appetite for new shoes, clothes & supplies, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet.
Aroma of "football weather" on its way,
as leaves inflame and cooler mornings extinguish
the lingering scent of dog-days.
A dull-but-growing roar of children anticipating return,
equal measures of excitement and dread.
Heart-sting from independent tug away,
yet relief of a moment’s silence.

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