I’m thinking through the post I wanna write to honor my baby’s 16th celebration of her birth, but these things can’t be rushed; in addition to out of town company, I have a few distractions, namely Rachel’s newest addition.

Meet Nelson.


Nelson is an almost three-month-old orange tabby kitten, and if curiosity killed, he’d already be dead.

When Nelson is awake, he’s moving.


He has no respect for personal space.  The guy moves in and crosses all kinds of boundaries–


Aussie and Nelson get along famously…


But when Nelson tried to make nice with Callie, Queen of the Castle?


Callie began channeling Linda Blair, her head spun around three times, and in between viciously hissin’ & spittin’, she regurgitated a flood of green vomit. 


Her tonsils are just fine, thank you very much :/.

Anyone wanna venture a guess as to the origin of Nelson’s name?  Rachel totally dissed my initial suggestions of Michael Phelps and Barak Obama…something about their features remind me of him.  Hmmmm….

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