You know it’s six shades of back-to-school-after-summer-vacation whacky when I fail to thank-by-posting some awesome bloggers who’ve shared a little Blog Love with me.  And to add major insult to injury?  I CAN’T FIND TWO OF THE NOTICES IN EMAIL to go back and add them to this post!  I’ve searched my emails but to no avail 🙁 (if you were one of the sweetpeeps who blog-blinged me and aren’t mentioned here, would you a) PLEASE forgive me and b) let me know so I can add you to this post?).

First, thanks to Jeanie in Paradise for telling me she thinks I’m smokingly brilliant (or something close to that ;).  Please check out her link for full details and I’d like to pass it along to:  Velveteen Mind (my "boss" and publisher for Blog Nosh Magazine) and Mrs. Fussypants Guide to Life (my soon-to-be boss after the re-launch of Blissfully Domestic).  Both of these ladies have created wonderful ezines, have promoted them well, take care of their editors, and write entertaining blogs of their own.  Another "Brilliant" in my estimation is Anna, Anna Carson Photography (NOT my boss but my photography mentor).  I learn by her example.

IloveyourblogawardNext, I got a fun surprise yesterday from Alyssa (Life from my Laptop), the "I love your blog" award; that one, I hadn’t even yet seen.  Trista (The Pumkin Patch) also snuck one to me :).

I could give this to the 300+ blogs in my reader, but narrowing it down to the seven I’m supposed to (check out full details at Alyssa’s link), I’d like to award to a few new bloggers (Shelly W., Life on the Wild Side and Peculiar, How Do We Get There From Here) a few OLD bloggers (Pamela, The Dust Will Wait and Swampwitch, Anecdotes, Antidotes & Anodes), and a few of my faithful Poetic License and/or Friday’s 40 Players (Karisma, Karisma & Kids, Amber, Imperishable Beauty and Brandon, Words of Redemption). 

Last but not least, remember when I told y’all I was for sale to the highest bidder?  Looks like the winning price was $1,275.00, give or take a decimal point.  The artist, Kay Crain, found a picture of me in a bikini on the world wide web and asked permission to paint the portrait.  If you have vintage photos from the 50s & 60s, she’d be interested in talking to you.  If you’re as fortunate as me, she might just paint an extra canvas for you as thanks for granting permission! 

Thanks again, and be sure to click the original presenter links so you can find out the long and short of passing along the blog-bling to others in your sphere!

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