Though we’ve been vacationing at Kiawah Island for 16 years, this was a year marked by firsts.

The first "first" was bicycling to the end of the earth Island past the "crescent" to discover where all the sand dollars live.  That was a coup of near Biblical proportion.

The second "first" occurred within hours of me making the statement, "Ya know, in all these years, I’ve never seen a shark’s tooth at Kiawah.  That is a VERY good thing…".

Imagine my surprise walking along the beach not long after and discovering this: 



Teeth with their own pair of teeth???  That sucker was attached to something before it was beached…enough reason to keep me close to the shore.

Oops!  I forgot this was supposed to be a wordless post; here’s a bonus shot for the faux pas~


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