It’s the last week of the month, the first day of fall, and that can only mean one thing in the Land of PENSIEVE:

Pensieve_button_black_poetic_licensPensieve’s Poetic License!

This month’s theme?  Autumn.  This month’s poetic form?  Cinquain.

I’m keeping it simple and easy–no small task for the likes of me–in order to snare as many of you as possible.  Click the PPL badge for details and feel free to grab it for your post.  I’ll have Mr. Linky posted here on Thursday so you can register your entries and we can wax poetic about all things Fall together :).  If you’ve never tried PPL before, this is the perfect time for you to dive in!

Need a refresher course on "cinquain"?   There are a couple of methods to write them; here are three suggestions from my previous post


Line 1: a one-word line, a noun, that gives the poem its title
Line 2: two adjectives that describes what the poem is about
Line 3: three action -ing verbs that describe something the subject of the poem does
Line 4: a phrase that indicates a feeling related to the subject of the poem
Line 5: a one-word line, noun, that sums about the poem is about, essentially renaming it


First Line:  2 syllables – One word, giving
title for your subject
Second Line: 4 syllables – Two words, describing
Third Line:  6 syllables – Three words,
expressing action
Fourth Line: 8 syllables – Four words, expressing
a feeling
Fifth Line:  2 syllables – Another word for the

[3]   A five-line stanza with a rhyme scheme of a-b-a-b-b.

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