Cold Stone Creamery will NOT stop sending me email temptation for FREE ICE CREAM


Thursday, September 25 from 5-8 p.m. (WAHOO–THIS AFTERNOON people!) they will be giving away 3-ounce servings of Jack & Emily’s Creations (marshmallow ice cream mixed with Oreo cookies, chocolate chips and fudge or Nutter Butter ice cream mixed with yellow cake, Kit-Kats and white chocolate chips).  I have no idea who Jack and Emily are but I’m pretty sure they work for Weight Watchers and they’re lookin’ to sign up new clients. 

Somehow, this "World’s Largest Ice Cream Social" is all tied to The "Make-a-Wish" organization, so you might say it’s "Calories for a Good Cause", yes? 

Bless me, curse me, but get ye hither to a Cold Stone Creamery near you!  Your thighs might hate me but your tongue will be tickled pink.

Or s o m e t h i n g like that ;).

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