Try this with the next book you read:  use an index card for a bookmark and have a pen handy.  Use them to:

  • Worksformewednesdaylogo
    Record words you don’t know (then look up when you’re able).
  • Write out quotations you like.
  • Write down page numbers with paragraphs you’d like to go back and re-read; include a few words to prompt your recall.
  • Pen thoughts or questions stimulated from the text.

Today I picked up a book my daughter and I are both reading, and I noticed she had an index card stuffed between the page; it had a few of the items listed above on it.  She explained she had done this for a report (I thought she must do this all the time), but I thought it was BRILLIANT! 

Particularly when I read non-fiction, I always have a pen in hand to highlight thought I want to absorb; it helps me track better with content that’s less than exciting (but important to read).   This trick seemed one step better–because I highlight a fair amount, brief notes on a card would help me remember a few points from the book and focus narrowly on thoughts I wanted to retain when I was done. 

I suppose you could do this with fiction, too–there are plenty of quotes worth remembering and sharing from any substantive novel.  For students, I suppose it could help with homework…but for an old dog like yours truly?  It’s a trick I’ll be trying…tomorrow! 🙂

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