Good gracious–I just realized I missed my three-year blogging anniversary!  Though I didn’t share my URL with a soul for about six months, I always wrote as if I had an audience.

Help me celebrate? Share your favorite quote or happy thought or memory or scripture reference or favorite blog post of yours or mine…or whatever you feel like sharing in comments. 

If you’re a lurker–a reader who never comments–would you pretty-please come out of the woodworks for this one?  And if you’re a sometimes commentor (but haven’t in a while), would you be sure to say "hi"?   If you’re an all-the-time commentor, THANK YOU DOESN’T BEGIN TO EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE FOR YOUR CONTINUED PATRONAGE AT CHEZ PENSIEVE.

Revised:  Well, now, internets…THIS was FUN to come home to!!!  I’m officially in the afternoon grind with my (not-so) babies, but THANK YOU for helping celebrate in style!!!  Keep those cards & letters comin’…that’s some yes-ma’am-serious air blowin’ up my skirt!!! 🙂

P.S.  if you happen to read the comment thread…the makings of a whiz-bang post is on the way…can you guess which comment??

xoxoxox  Cyber hugs & candy kisses (& autographs if you insist) to my favorite readers!!!  (Ummm, that would be…YOU!!!)

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