It has been a treat sampling products over the past several months for review, and last week I received the funnest package to date:


Doesn’t it just make you smile?  I open this big ol’ box and a cock-eyed pistachio was grinning at me bigger than Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat!

In a nutshell (**snicker**), Everybody’s NUTS! are a FABULOUS choice for snackin’ because:

  • They offer a variety of flavors (Roasted & Salted, Roasted No Salt, European Roast & Salt & Pepper)
  • They’re a good source of fiber & are heart healthy
  • They have a cool guarantee:  100% of their nuts will be open.  If you find a closed nut in your package, send it to ’em (along with proof of purchase) and they’ll send you a FREE box of nuts
  • The most important thing?  They’re delicious, high-quality pistachios–it’s not a stretch to say they’re the BEST pistachios I’ve ever tasted!


  • FABULOUS, fun, interactive website (though links to their on-line store weren’t working when I tried ’em).
  • Excellent packaging including using recycled materials with explaining why they do so, "…because Everybody’s NUTS! loves trees.

And guess what?  I have an "Everybody’s NUTS!" prize pack to give away–a sample of their pistachios, and a tee shirt and cap like the ones pictured above.  IF I can get my (teenage kids???) to part company with Stach-the-stuffed-wonder-nut, I’ll throw that in, too (wish I was kidding on that one, but I’m not…).  All you have to do to win is scroll down my front page, read a post you haven’t yet, and comment HERE your thoughts (my personal favorites are "Trapeze", "Is it Obvious?" and "A Twinkling").

Trust me, you’ll want to win…these things are good enough to eat!


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