Friday’s 40-words-or-less Photo Challenge is back, and I can tell ya already, this photo prompt blesses my heart to the point of explosion.  To see my 11-year-old MIDDLE SCHOOLER delight in the most simple of toys?  Just paper and fuel propelled by imagination; when his paper airplanes soar, so does this mama’s heart.

Please…join me with your musings stirred by this picture.  Does it remind you of childhood diversions?  Do you just see a lot of pretty colors?  Do you agree that simple pleasures are the best? 

Whatever your thoughts, please share them on Friday with a post of your own.  Literal and abstract interpretations of the photo are both welcome!  Click the badge for details, write a post over the next few days, then link it to Mr. Linky Friday morning.  Newcomers are always welcome, and if you’re inclined, grab the badge and picture and invite your own readers.

Hope to see YOU then! 🙂

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