I’m in a rut. 

You know the one–the one where the same four side dishes are recycled over and over and OVER.  Ad nauseum quite literally, thank you very much.

While I’m all about recycling plastics and paper and glass (oh, my!), I’m tired of our dinnertime routine.  Boooorrriiing!  So, I’m asking…pleading…heck, I’m not above BEGGING for new ideas!

Do you mind sharing your favorite side dish recipes with me?  If you have a posted recipe on your blog, feel free to link it (one or more) here in comments; not a blogger?  You’re welcome to email me or post a comment w/your recipe.

Even if you see your favorite already listed, tell me.  If I see something repeated, it’s bound to get my attention.

Thanks in advance for any deliciousness you impart.  I can’t wait for you to order me around my kitchen!


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