I was wrong.  This month’s Poetic License–a Fall-themed Cinquain–was neither simple nor easy for me. 

Using two of the three methods described in my previous post, I have two poems to share:

transitional, variant
changing, painting, cooling
Wardrobe confusion from brisk mornings and warm afternoons

That was a more traditional offering; the poem below was inspired by my daughter’s election as a representative of her class for homecoming court.


A young girl draped in sequined gown
Tonight, a princess, dream fulfilled
Kind, sweet spirit, grace, her crown
Fairytale, though fleeting, real
Inner beauty, unconcealed.

I can’t wait to see how you were inspired by the theme and I sincerely HOPE the verse flowed easier for you than it did for me!  Feel free to link your posts anytime; as long as you comment to let me know, I’ll receive an email that lets me know when to come knockin’ on your door.


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