She’s wit and wisdom in a double dose of dynamite, and yes, she comes colorfully wrapped in a small package.

She’s kind and compassionate, sweet but sassy, and I know she’s a hospitable hostess–this, without ever having gone to her home. 

She’s entertaining and enthusiastic, fun and friendly, and she manages to blend humility with a strong sense of self, understanding who she is in Christ; that it’s Him who matters most when they meet her. 

She’s not afraid to share her struggles, her fears, her victories–her life!–in a way that makes her approachable, relatable and downright lovable.

I "knew" Patsy Clairmont long before our paths crossed in the blogosphere and Twitterville; any author who finds the humor in faith quickly captures my attention.  After discovering her blog I had a crush; a few tweets & comments exchanged?  It evolved to puppy love; but after the generosity and kindness extended to me when I finally met her face to face?

I’m smitten.

She’s aware of my involvement with Inspired Bliss and she went out of her way at the Women of Faith Conference to welcome me and make sure I wasn’t left hanging.  She was a beautiful example of Jesus with skin on, accepting me, wooing me and loving me, when I hadn’t done a thing in the world to "deserve" it.  She loved my dear friend, Erin, too, who joined me for the conference.

I wish I could tell you more detail about her sessions–she bravely conquered the subject of women and their emotions!–but you’d be much better served to check out her book "I Second That Emotion" (the graphic below will take you right to her Amazon page) where she’ll help you understand the deception of emotions and help you navigate the murky waters beyond your own entanglements. 

On one hand I wish I had taken notes from the speakers, but on the other, I just wanted to absorb the atmosphere–one of hope and encouragement and exhortation and and worship.

Did I mention that Patsy has a whiz bang sense of style?  You can tell by a quick glance at the photos above, but I absolutely wanted to steal the shoes right off her feet Saturday!  Forget about Manolos or Jimmy Choos–I wanted her Geisha girl hi-tops!! 

If you haven’t visited Patsy before now, please do yourself a favor and click on over.  Let her know a scary stalker her biggest fan sent you :).


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