Thankyew, thankyewverymuch!

  • Dennisatmarciaswedding
    How would you caption this piccha?
      Lady Why, who blogs at "Where the Kudzu Grows", had a "Name the Picture" contest a while back and I couldn’t resist.  Even if she hadn’t dangled a soapy carrot, I HAD to throw a suggestion into the ring:  "Napoleon Dynomite ~ The Flat Iron Years"

Guess who walked away the winnah?  (Thanks Lady Why…you’re right–the Sweet Hollow Farm Citrus-scented shampoo bar smells divine!)

  • Iloveyourblogaward
    Double thanks this time around:  To sweet Shara at Moms in Transition and kind Christina at Refuge for a Single Mom who honored me with the "I love your blog" award.  Unbeknownst to them, I had received it a while back and have already passed it along to others.  That THEY were thoughtful enough to include me in their lists of recipients?  Well, my cockles are duly warmed (I have no idea what that means, but it’s good…trust me).
  • Quite a while ago, Karisma had a fun poetry competition.  POETRY?  A CHANCE TO COMPETE?  I was there with bells on…even IF the theme was SPRING CLEANING!  I co-shared the winning honors with Chris, and the prize was this funny little tea towel featuring (ahem) "sayings" an Australian bloke might say (Karisma is from the Land Down Under herself).  Funny stuff–reminds me of a few things my friend Peter has said!   Sweet Karisma also included a glass guardian angel (and when my camera battery is charged I’ll try to remember to upload a picture here :/).  Thanks, Karisma!
  • Thanks to Kristen at "We Are This Family" who hosted a fun, "Sizzling Summer Vacation Spectacle".  She gave away hundreds of dollars in door prizes, and I won the very last drawing–a copy of Lonely Planet’s Bluelist 2008: The Best in Travel.  I don’t know whether to bless Kristen or curse her.  As a result of thumbing through this book, I want to live on vacation the rest of the year.  Sadly, neither my family nor finances agree.
  • Thanks to GET!  OUT!!  MARTHA STEWART WHO MIGHT BE FEATURING MY BLOG ON HER BLOG!  Ok…that probably won’t happen, but just by telling y’all about it (click this for details) she m i g h t pick mine as a feature :).  HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE? 
  • And last but hardly least, THANK YOU AND YOU AND YOU for your SWEET wishes on my third anniversary of blogging.  EVERY comment gave me reason to smile and be exceedingly thankful for this crazy cultural phenom.  I am rather certain when I started blogging in September of ’05, I had no idea where it would lead; it’s been a wonderful journey among the company of strangers, who ended up being not so strange after all. 

Well…except one or two of ya ;).

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