"When boys fly, a mother’s heart soars with him."                                                                                          Robin @ PENSIEVE


I love this picture of my young teen son "falling with style".  There’s a wonderful creek just out of view of our back yard, and this summer has been the Year of the Rope Swing.  Friends and family have relived the glory of youth (technically, most STILL are youth) swinging off precarious branch into the murky depths.  When necessary, I police them with a screeching "YOU CAN’T DO THAAAT!!". 

They like it better when I don’t go with them.

40orlessatpensieveltgreen I hope this inspires you to come up with your own Friday’s 40-word-or-less Photo Challenge.  Please click the link or button if you aren’t familiar, and then plan to link a post response on Friday.  You’re welcome to grab a button and invite your friends to join, too.




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