Weight Watchers reps contacted me recently to determine my interest in sampling their Golden Sponge Cakes, and I said, "What?  So you think I’m fat?!!" and they didn’t comment so I didn’t press it. 

I don’t really want to know what they think of my rear in "these pants", anyway.

Far be it for me to turn down a Twinkie or anything closely resembling one, so I said "Sure." 

(And this is where I’m not loving the "honesty police" who lives inside me, because I have to say….)  My overall impression?  Let’s look at the GOOD things:

  • 1 point under Weight Watchers exchange values
  • 80 calories, 25 of those fat
  • They satisfy a taste for something sweet.

The not-so-good things?

They aren’t Twinkies or Ding-Dongs and there IS a difference (not sure if the extra calories are worth it).

A funny aside:  My daughter tried one and liked the way it tingled her tongue.  I have no idea what that means, but she thought it was cool, like it was magic or something.

Soooo, if you won’t a low-calorie, low-fat, tongue-tingling snack cake?  Go buy Weight Watchers Golden Sponge Cakes TODAY.  Tell ’em I sent you (but they’ll have no idea who I am) :).

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