Top Ten Reasons to attend Blissdom ’08


  1. Don’t jump on the bandwagon–be a part of its creation!  Blissdom ’08 is the inaugural event for what will become an annual, East coast blogging conference.  Plans are already underway for the next event!
  2. Your chance to meet a lot of bloggers in one venue.  It’s safe, central, and a great opportunity to put faces with headers with names.  New bloggers? Business bloggers? Casual-to-everyday bloggers?  Authors & consultants?  Yep, this is for all women! 
  3. Networking.  Bloggers are the best resources for learning about blogging! 
  4. Attendance can lead to future opportunity. I met Karla, Creative Director and Vice President of BD Publishing, at SheSpeaks, which eventually played a part in my becoming editor for Inspired Bliss
  5. Interactive format, not lecture-student.  Sessions will be led by blogger panels, a Q&A inviting discussion among participants.  (I’m thrilled to be sitting on one of those panels!!! 🙂 )
  6. Jessie Baylin.  Meet this up-and-coming signed, recording artist as participants are treated to a mini-concert.  You might not know Jessie yet, but it’s just a matter of time until hers is a household name!
  7. Prizes…lots & lots of prizes.  Door prizes will be awarded throughout the conference (if you own an Etsy store, or are affiliated with a business that can sponsor a prize, please contact Alli asap).
  8. Intimate setting at The Hotel Preston in Nashville.  A special place for a special meeting of blog-minded women.
  9. VERY limited space still available!  If you’d like to attend, there’s no time for procrastination.  Click here for registration details.
  10. The cost?  FREE! Due to the generous sponsorship from Epson in association with One2One Network, there is no registration fee for the conference. Participants are responsible for meal and travel expenses, but they’re getting a whole lot of something for nothin’! 

Doesn’t this sound FABULOUS?!  I’d love to meet you there, and if you’re interested in seeing who else is registered and speaking, click here

If you ARE going, please be sure to pick up a badge to tell your readers.   You’re also welcome to link to this post or pick up information if you’d like to write your own.




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