It’s well documented IRL and IBL j’adore caramel macchiatos from Starbucks.  Weighing in at 490 calories the way I like ’em (breve, made with half & half instead of anything "less than"), what’s not to love?  As described on their website, caramel macs are a "signature Starbucks® beverage…a creamy mix of
vanilla and freshly steamed milk marked with intense Starbucks®
espresso, topped with velvety foam and our own proprietary buttery
caramel sauce".

It’s the buttery caramel sauce that makes ME melt every time.

But for my every day morning coffee?  Starbucks doesn’t make the cut.  When I’ve tried their coffee in-store, it’s too strong–it tastes like I’m licking an ashtray (and no, I haven’t actually ever licked an ashtray, but Starbucks coffee is how I imagine it’d taste). 

Instead, it’s Dunkin Donuts.  Every day.  Twice a day.  Sometimes three times when I’m needin’ an extra caffeine jolt.

Apparently, I know what I’m talkin’ about :).


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