If I was a 13-year-old girl, I would say "I pink-puffy-heart everyone who commented to yesterday’s ‘Identity Crisis‘ dilemma."

I’m definitely NO 13-year-old, but I AM a girl, and "I pink- puffy-heart you" seems to fit. 

Your suggestions for Rachel’s "no-name kitten" made me smile… every.single.one.!  Rach had a seven-mile cross-country practice yesterday and tons of homework to deal with when she got home, so she has yet to see your comments.  I told her the few I remembered, and she was lovin’ so many chimed in.  I was crushin’, too…especially since there were several first-time commenters who shared their thoughts!

On to Friday’s 40
–here’s my entry for this week’s challenge; if you saw yesterday’s comments, you’ll recognize I "borrowed" from them :).  If the photo evoked a post-response from you, be sure to link it so we can visit!


Sweet, innocent look on his face
No name yet, what a disgrace!
Twitchit or Speck?
Mutt or Tim–what the heck?!
Off he goes! ‘Nother spider to chase!

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