Christmas_ball_2If you sincerely believe "giving is better than receiving", then you have to enter today’s Bloggy Giveaway:

A Christmas gift given in your honor for my Compassion International sponsor child, Isaura.  

Compassion International is a child advocacy ministry that works through local agencies in impoverished countries to "release children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enables them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults."  (If you aren’t acquainted with CI, please follow the link attached to Isaura’s name above, and you’ll find more information and related links.)

And because I think you’re pretty sweet if you decide to enter this giveaway, I’d love to give you something extra sweet:  some yummy Ferrero Collection™ Confections

Recently I wrote about an initiative between Ferrero and Share Our Strength (an organization that seeks to end childhood hunger), and this week a box of chocolates showed up on my doorstep.  Easy come, easy go, it’s got 12 trillion calories so pretty I decided to give it away to the person who receives this giveaway.

Entering is simple:

  1. Visit Compassion International’s blog, scroll their front page, and comment back on this post about anything you read or learned (since Chris Giovagnoni‘s post might fall off the front page, I wanted to link to it here; it generated interesting thought in light of the upcoming election.).

That’s it–I wanted to keep things easier than pie! Of course, if you haven’t yet, it’d make my day if you subscribed to PENSIEVE in a reader or via email, but it’s not a requirement for entry.

Comments close Friday morning on this one because I have to make the donation by the 31st in order to meet CI’s Christmas deadline; be sure to include a working email so I can contact you in order to ship the chocolates!  Comments for the rest of my giveaways remain open til midnight Friday.

Note:  Although my goal in offering this is simple to provide exposure for Compassion International, if you have interest in learning more about child sponsorship (and I’d be thrilled if you did!), please surf their website for more information.  Children are waiting :).

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