Blissdom08If you’re checking in for the skinny on BlissDom ’08, I can sum it up in one sentence:

If you weren’t here…you missed an amazing event. 

Do what you can to clear your February ’09 calendar; another conference is in the early stages of planning, and you’ll want to be there, trust me!

Thanks to all who attended, hosted and spoke, all of you had much to add to this one-of-a-kind gathering.  It was GREAT putting names with faces with blogs!

OF COURSE I’ll write more later, but today I’m traveling back to real life :).

To my wonderful roomies?  Karla (Looking Towards Heaven), Emily (Chatting With the Sky) and Nester (Nesting Place)–I had NO idea how much MORE special y’all would make the weekend; I’m missing you already!  To Megan (Velveteen Mind), my Blog Nosh boss and traveling companion?  You’re the frosting on the cake–spending time with you has been delicious in OH! so many ways!  To my Inspired Bliss/Blissfully Domestic Bosses Karla and Alli?  What a team y’all make!  To Barbara Jones and your team of professional women?  Impressive, professional ladies!

LOVED the weekend, can’t wait for the NEXT BlissDom event, and many thanks!! 

More details soon, please stay tuned….

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