Checking our mailbox has become a whole lot more fun since I started blogging; it’s not full of only bills and spam catalogs anymore. 

This week I received not one, but two niceties compliments of the U.S. Postal Service–


One of my Inspired Bliss contributors, Lisa @ Put It On the List, MADE this hand-beaded necklace for me!  Its center-piece is a hand-blown (hand-melted?) heart-shaped glass bead, and it’s more stunning in person than it is in picture.  Lisa makes custom jewelry and she would love to hear from you if you’d like an original piece of your own.

The other surcie is this–do you recognize the logo?


(more on this latah…I’m waiting on a return email for the rest of my post.  Cryptic, no? 🙂 )

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