**Someone** ever-so-sweetly asked me to do a favor for her, and because I'm all about a) keeping secrets (you should see what's in my "vault", except then I'd have to kill ya 😉 ), and b) words of encouragement, I had to say yes.

The favor is this post telling you about the following (and oh-so-clandestinely, back-dating it):

Another **someone** who-must-not-be-named–**winkPio-neerwink** **winkWO-MANwink** is celebrating her 40th birthday next month; to surprise her, Someone #1 has created a birthday blog for a gift, and she wants anybody and everybody to write a post for it.  If you're reading this, that means YOU!  (If you feel so inclined, will you write a secret tweet linking to this post or the birthday blog??  Thank you!).  Also, request to join this Facebook Fan Page and you'll be in on even MORE secrets!

I'm nothing if not the Queen of Stealth. 

Please click here for all the details, but prettiest of pleases, getchur birthday greetings on!  And when I turn 50?  Someone better daggum do this for me!

Crap…ME?? 50???  Sweet mercy, that's just a little over four years away.  I need a nap.  Or some scotch. 

Except I don't drink scotch, but the thought of turning 50 just drove me to drinkin'.

I shall settle for a refreshing and healthy glass of water.

Carry on.


{Yes, that's me…casually sitting around posing with balloons and birthday hats just for kicks.  Lovely example of static electricity, too.  Can anyone explain to me why balloons ALWAYS do that???}

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